Impacting Lives Through Fun

That’s our mission and that’s what we do for our business. We specialize in bringing fun to people, whether you are a six years old or sixty years old, we want you to have fun and we have just the thing for it. We believe that fun is an essential and this world cannot live without it. That’s right, you heard us, its an essential. So much so we call ourselves The Seriously Fun Group.

Live is short to be overly serious.
Let’s have some Serious Fun instead.

All our establishments is designed with this purpose in mind. Check out and visit our cool establishment.

Children and Family Entertainment.
Singapore Finest Indoor Playground.

Build for Teens, Tweens and older kids.
The Hippiest Inflatable park in town.

Looking for Adrenaline? Adventure?
Something wacky?
F and B + drinks also sold here. This is the ultimate Xscape.

This is for everyone especially all you Cat Lovers out there.
Coffee, Playgrounds and Cat company anyone?

This site is still under construction but we can’t wait to shout our brands to the world.
More Seriously Fun stuff coming to you real soon…